Pay attention to your ‘Callings’

Those who are watching ‘Manifest’ on Netflix will definitely know what the ‘callings’ mean. For those who have not watched the series yet, the word ‘Callings’ refers to the inner voice that the main characters hear when someone is in danger. The callings basically are like superpower that directs them to avert a possible danger about to happen in the future.

All of us have a superpower called, ‘intuition’ which is very similar to ‘the callings’. Our intuition will always tell us, if something doesn’t feel right. The instinctive feelings that we get in certain situations always guide us well. So listen to your ‘Callings’ 😊


When should you look out for a new post on this blog..

I just want to let you all know that in the coming days, all my new posts will be published on every saturday and sunday. I will be getting busy on weekdays with my new contractual gig and hence this decision.

It’s always good to be busy 🙂 Keep busy!

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This is who we are 🤷 and we have been designed so…

I have always wondered why at every stage of our lives we don’t seem to ‘like’ what we should be doing appropriate to that particular stage. Like during our childhood days, we are expected to do well in our studies, but that is when we hate studying the most. As adults when we settle ourselves in a job, we are required to do well in our jobs but again there’s a struggle there, we get so worked up and do not feel responsible at all. There is a strong urge to stay away from work and chill with friends. And as we grow older, our body tends to get slow, our brain runs low on memories and this is when we have a strong urge to up skill ourselves, learn more and build our knowledge. This one quality of always wanting to do what is not appropriate is what makes us who we are. All the societal set up that has been designed by our ancestors for us to follow at each stage of our lives is only there to be bent or broken. And it’s completely normal because that’s how we have been designed and that’s how we evolve.

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I Go with the flow

If you had to peek inside of me, the real me is a very open minded and a carefree person. I am a person who simply wants to enjoy life without worrying much about the future. Worrying about what’s gonna happen 10 years later or planning things for the future, and thinking about securing the future are simply not in my DNA. Though I am a wife and mother of two daughters, planning, acting responsibly, nope such qualities are clearly not in my blood. I just go with the flow and live my life. Motive and intentions of my life are only about staying happy and having fun. In reality, there is a social pressure on you, to be a great parent to your kids, setting an example to them on being responsible, but i have never tried to be one of those parents. I have led my life worry free so far and till this point my life has been very good. Actually i have heard this through one of my uncle in the past, he said that if you let the kids be what they are, and let them grow how they naturally are, without trying to discipline them or mould them they would grow up to be great humans. It is we with our unnecessary rules and so called values change our kids and they lose their natural self as they grow. So do not take any pressure and live life as it comes. The future, anyways is unpredictable and no matter how well you think ahead and plan for it, it will bring about it’s own bag of surprises which you will have to handle at that very moment. It is not that by only planning ahead and working towards securing your future work in your favor, sometimes going with the flow of your life also works in your favor. So be in the moment and go with the flow, leave the future to the future. Stay happy and enjoy life.

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A welcome change in ‘me’ and I am loving it..

Yes, i have changed for good, i have stopped expecting things from people. Earlier i used to get disappointed with people when they didn’t respect my feelings for them and i used to feel very hurt. But as days passed by, i have come to learn that people are different and especially women tend to change a lot, in particular the one’s that are married and have kids. Let me tell you, married women are totally unpredictable, you can never feel important around a married women, especially when you are one of them. Anyways, now that i have changed and have limited my expectations of people, it has done a great amount of good to me. Now a days i am least bothered about what is happening in other’s life, i am concerned with only me and my family. This change has reduced the stress that i used to get when people used to disappoint me with their behavior, as i was very much concerned about them earlier. So the bottom line of this post is, never have any expectations from people and your life will be good.


Random write up..

Good Morning! So this post is about random things in my mind which i want to talk about.

Busy days from June: So i will be more busy i must say from June as there is a contractual job starting for me which would last until October’22. It’s a very demanding job and on the day’s i will have to host trainings, it would be a minimum of 7 – 8 hrs of work. That again demands me being all the more organized about planning my day, if i don’t plan a day ahead, everything will turn chaotic. Since my older daughter has started going to collage, i have already started planning her lunch box meal a day ahead to avoid morning rush/tension. Will have to cut down on my nap times which is going to be a difficult one for me, but then work is work and it earns you money, so it’s all worth the efforts. But i promise to keep my blog engaged 🙂

About yesterday evening: So i had gone to a birthday party of one of my friend’s son, it was a nice one. Got to meet some of my apartment friends and had a nice chat with them. But clearly i could feel that i connect with only a few very well, may be that’s my nature. I love people who are open, frank, and very expressive. Let me tell you something, here even as friends, we dont openly talk about sex, may be i should put it this way, the friends circle that i have are not so open minded about talking sex, or any other private topic. Anyways had a good time at the party though and the snacks were yumm.

My spiritual quotient: I do believe in God, i do visit temples, but i don’t know i do not take time to pray daily. But people around me are so judgy, for them if you don’t pray daily you are simply an atheist. I don’t give a damn to what they think anymore, only i know my spiritual quotient and no one else can decide that.

Parenting Teens: This is the most tough task especially when you are mom to two teenage daughters. My older daughter seems to be having too much fun at college, as her college has just reopened and there’s just too much activity going on. She has gotten very busy since her college reopened, she would leave house by 7 am in the morning and come back by 7 pm in the evening. I could sense that she is just getting carried away by the kind of friend’s circle she has got at the college and the amount of fun time they get to spend together in between their classes. I am just worried if she doesn’t lose her focus out of studies. I have been expressing my concerns to her and have been advising her to also spend some solid time studying. She did say that her college library is very resourceful and that she gets to refer a lot of study material there. Let’s see how well she scores… As parent you cannot be overly strict with your teenage kids and at the same time you should not let them out of control. This is where the real challenge comes got to be careful so that they don’t get pissed off with your continual monitoring and end up not listening. I have been extra careful about this and have been advising my daughter only whenever needed.

So those were some of the random things i wanted to share today. What about yours..

Bye – Bye! 🙂


Texas Mass Shootings..What’s the solution

For a country like America, this cannot go on… Why is the country unable to stop this kind of barbaric act? When I heard the country’s president speak on this recent mass shooting at Uvalde Texas, it was so painful to listen. I mean who is in control, if not the highest authority of this country. What is USA missing in maintaining the law and order. The ‘Gun Laws’ have to be overlooked and there has to be more restrictions on who is holding the gun and who should have access to it. The people of America seriously don’t deserve this kind of fearful atmosphere, the kids absolutely don’t deserve this.

Really hope the government acts fast on this and brings a clear and permanent solution to stop these kind of mass shootings in the country.

My heart goes out to all those people in Uvalde who have lost their family members to this mass shooting.

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How strong you are., A tough situation in your life gives you the answer

To stay positive, staying focused, staying strong, all of these can be easily told to oneself to keep going in life. All of the courage and strength that we think we have is put to test as soon as things get slightly tougher in life. Yes, I understood how emotionally weak I am when I could not watch my daughter scream for an injection when she was down with typhoid in the hospital. It may sound silly, but tears came rolling down my eyes, it was the moment where I got to be supportive for my daughter and pacify her but I could not control my tears. So this is when I realised that I am an emotional person. The boldness I thought I had in me disappeared without a trace. Blame it on the motherhood, as a mother I could not watch my child suffer. But the good thing is my kid’s fear of injection is gone, and that’s life.

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Good Morning! Focus on the larger scheme of things..

So this morning, i made sure that i dedicate some time to blogging. I read through couple of blogs and really liked the stuff i read. Here i am now attempting to fill up my blog with a random post. It looks like a busy Sunday, as we have planned to take our fur boy to a spa, and later this evening have to drop off my older daughter at her driving simulation class. That’s about the routine family stuff, coming to ‘me time’ these days checking the Insta feeds has become a favorite pass time. The Insta reels are really interesting and the quality of your feeds depends on the kind of people you follow. There’s a lot of motivation, inspiring quotes, and messages out there. One of the interesting messages that i came across from one of the influencer’s on Insta was, “Don’t fight for petty things, do not overthink on small things, focus on the larger scheme of things, which would make your life beautiful.”

So leaving you all on that note, Focus on the larger scheme of things and live life fullest. 🙂

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Confession – Staying consistent is tough for me..:(

It’s been quite sometime since i wrote my last post. I don’t understand why i am like this. I get engulfed in the daily grind of things and lose out on staying consistent with blogging. Sometimes i simply like to take a nap after completing a usual house hold chore, and some days the chores are never ending. Anyways, let’s see how the things go in the coming days, trust me i am trying hard….. It’s Consistency v/s Me…;)