‘Not giving a fuck’ 👈to practice that ain’t easy

Being social beings we keep looking for others approval in most of the things that we do. The art of ‘Not giving a fuck’ is actually tough to follow. A thing that has to be done a certain way is up to an individual but when most people follow a certain format of doing a thing, then that automatically becomes the right way of doing it. So when we do something which feels right to us but may not be right to many then we certainly hesitate to boldly going ahead with that thought. We just start squeezing our mind about how we will perceived by others if we do something which is right for us but the society doesn’t do that the same way or it may seem wrong to others. When we start doing things which is socially not acceptable then we will be seen as the wrong people. There will be many people who will start advising you when you do things your way, since that may not be what the majority of people does. You will be made to feel that you are doing something terribly wrong and that you are doing a big mistake. Even when you know that your approach to a certain problem will only do good to you, it will not be seen in the right sense if that is not what the majority of people would approach the problem. So when we don’t give a fuck about others approval on our way of doing things we will be definitely seen in the bad light. That’s the reality!

From the diaries of a homemaker

It has been quite a while now since I last wrote a blog. So just let me share what’s going on in my life. Being in the 40s club I have been pushing myself really hard to stay active and getting a little organised about doing things. Each day just passes by with the daily grind of things. I have been lately obsessed with keeping the home clean and I keep watching a lot of related videos on YouTube. I have also incorporated some of the ideas that I felt are really smart and cool. One of the smart ideas the I implemented was to put on kitchen liners inside the kitchen drawers to keep them dust free which I feel is a great way to keep the inside of the cabinets clean. Certainly for a homemaker the cleaning routine is an obsession and once it is done it gives a great sense of satisfaction. But though we keep doing the daily routines at times it does feel boring. The daily chores keep evolving and it seems there is no end to it. The role of a homemaker is always about multitasking and managing a family is definitely very demanding. Whenever my energy levels go down or whenever I feel low, I simply think about people who face lot of struggles in living a decent life and keep saying to myself just be grateful for having a good life and a great family. That’s about it, life goes on, days pass by and the daily grind continues…

Every dog has its day and we have Corona days 😱

Seriously! Noone would have imagined that they would get to see days such as these, we have been put in extraordinary times. In our hindu religion the current yuga or era is called the ‘Kali’ yuga which is basically the era of downfall and destruction of mankind. All our elders belonging to the previous generation quote the kali- yuga whenever some mishap happens or even when someone in the house misbehaves. So we grew up listening to our elders that our generation will face tough times as we are all part of Kali yuga. But little did we know that we would get to see a completely changed world forcing a complete change in lifestyle, phew….😓. Lockdown of nations, isolated people, quarantined houses, safe distancing, face masks, staying indoors, work from home, study from home, no contact delivery, we have seen it all. The year 2020 is totally locked down. The new normal is life inside our houses with family, cut off from the outside world. Though there is a step by step relaxation of restrictions in India, corona has definitely left a permanent fear in us. People are reluctant to shake hands and greet, kids cannot play with other children like before, the social gatherings come with restrictions and so on. But life goes on and Life will find it’s way, it has to find a way…

Pouring out what’s inside…

I am totally engulfed in my daily chores and trust me ‘family is always demanding.’ Online classes have only put additional responsibility on parents. You have a new task of following up with your kids on what has been taught and what are the homeworks to be completed. Guess my priorities have changed now, its shifting from friends to family. Earlier I had this urge of wanting to spend ‘me time’ but now it’s more dedication to family. Nothing seems to be enough, daily chores only add up along with home schooling the kids. Phew…. Corona has certainly changed the way of life. Being a Mom and raising kids with the prevailing situation has thrown new challenges on parenthood. Trying times especially for all the moms out there in keeping the kids away from getting addicted to mobile phones. Sitting with kids and planning their daily schedule is a compelling thing to do these days. Nobody knows what is in store for the kids who are in 12th standard and how their board exams are going to held in March 2021. Let’s see how things take shape in the coming days…

‘What’s in a name’

‘What’s in a name’ this may sound cool, but the name of a person definitely plays a significant role in how far a person reaches in his life. My grandmother used to tell me how she survived in this world because of her name. When her mother kept delivering babies which didn’t survive more than 2 days after birth, for the next baby that was born they decided to name the baby as ‘Vepalai’ meaning Neem leaf. The Neem tree among other trees survives and grows stronger though its leaves tastes bitter, likewise my ancestors believed the baby bearing the name of a Neem tree will survive past the bitter health challenges it may face and be blessed with a long life. This is a true story and my grandmother survived till she was 75 years old.

Those days there were not much health facilities and because of which there was no birth control measures adopted by people. Most women would end up in giving birth to a dozen of kids, and there would be times when the eldest girl child will be grown up enough to help her mother in delivering the baby. Because of less medical facilities and no birth control, women could not be of great health which lead to delivering dead babies. This is where naming a child gained importance. People used to literally pray for a baby that is born alive. To make the baby survive they used to think of a name that would give the baby long life. For example they used to name the baby ‘Pichai’ meaning ‘to beg’ the name signifies that the child has been bestowed upon the parents on their begging to god. So that’s how important is a name in our culture. There’s so much to a name 😉🙂.

From the diaries of a homemaker: It takes a not so great cook to make the kids eat anything without being fussy.

If you are not a great cook, then here’s a good news, your kids won’t be fussy/picky eaters. Here’s why this is true in my case, back during my school days when my mom used to work as a school teacher she used to cook in a hurry and hence it never tasted great. But since it used to get very hectic for her working both at school and home, we never used to complaint about her cooking. Whatever was served on the plates was quietly eaten. But while in school we used to really love our friends lunch, as their food tasted better than ours. So eventually we started eating whatever our friends shared with us, while eating ours too. The more we ate our mom cooked food the more we got adjusted to just eating anything.

Now coming to the current generation, we mother’s are in a way solely responsible for turning our kids into fussy and picky eaters. Thanks to YouTube, we can learn to cook any cuisine. By trying our hands on different recipes we have definitely kindled the taste buds of our kids big time. We have eventually lead to raising demanding kids who are always craving for tastier dishes. Now I am exposed to the bitter reality, “introducing too much variety in your cooking leads to raising kids that become very picky about eating.” They end up craving for their favorite food and eventually we are forced to cook only what they like. Even during days when we are really tired, we are forced to cook as per the kids demands and not as per our convenience. Now I see my mother’s cooking skills as positive as she succeeded in raising kids that do not fuss about eating. 😇

From the diaries of a homemaker: Keeping busy

It’s always good to keep busy especially when you are a kind of person who is often invaded by guilt feelings. To me just doing the routine things leaves me incomplete and feeling less productive. Any middle aged women who is a homemaker, especially the one’s who have had a good career in the past cannot simply sit at home just doing the household work. Keeping busy helps in avoiding the unnecessary thoughts that spoil the inner peace. When you keep yourself engaged you are bound to keep yourself active and kicking. It really helps to boost up the mood and stay contented. I am a person who enjoys short reads and which is why i took to blogging. What better way to spend the time than reading and blogs are all the more interesting. Thanks to WordPress, the blogging platform is so full of quality stuff and great writers. Reading actually widens the thinking horizon and opens up a whole wide world of broad perspectives that brighten everyone’s lives. To me, my reading time is the best productive part of my day. Each day the time spent blogging is the day spent well. So always keep busy and stay active. C YA People 🙂

Women it’s about us

Yes, we are deep. We think too much and its in our DNA. We get twisted in our own thoughts. As we are also blessed biologically, the menstrual cycle not only brings about hormonal changes in us, it also brings out a lot of emotions within us. We are the emotional sect and that makes us who we are. We are basically very protective in nature, thanks to the motherly traits that each woman carries. We get emotionally attached to our loved one’s and we become very protective about them. We are over expressive to our close one’s and pour out all our emotions, this is what makes us difficult to understand. However tough a woman may appear, deep inside she is always a loving person. Our machinery runs on emotions and we are all very sensitive. We react more, express more and love more…

Being Progressive in a traditionalist society

Indian society is always evolving, though there is a good amount of adaptation from the western culture, we still have our roots firmly stuck into our culture & traditions. Marriage is one event which stands as a classic example in this context. The bride & groom belonging to different caste or religion get married, so we have started accepting inter-caste/ inter-religion marriages which is certainly progressive. But many a times in such inter-caste or inter-religion marriages, the wedding ceremonies are performed by following the traditional customs of both the bride and groom as per their caste or religion. For example, if a Hindu boy marries a Christian girl, then the wedding ceremonies are conducted both as per the Hindu custom as well as the Christian custom. So we are progressive yet we don’t give up on our traditions.

As an individual i am a woman with progressive thought, by that i mean i am open minded. But since our society is made up of people from different cultures, caste and creed, there cannot be wide acceptance of people with progressive thinking in our society. In our society you can find people that are highly educated but still have trouble being progressive in their thoughts. The societal impact is such and the traditions are so ingrained in people that they have trouble accepting things that are outside of their cultural beliefs. With social media and many online platforms we are able to witness different cultures and their practices, but in reality we are shaped by our society and are forced to limit ourselves confining to the cultural practices at large. In a traditionalist society such as ours, you can only be progressive in your thoughts, when it comes to practical life you will have to limit yourself to the societal acceptance.

My Life Right Now is Filled With JOY :)

Its been a while for me to come up with some new post in my blog, sorry about that… We now have a new member in our family. He is our ‘JOY’ (a golden retriever pup). Bringing ‘Joy’ into our lives is like lockdown period put to best use. So these days our routine life circles around ‘JOY’. It’s certainly a joyful addition into the family and now i am a proud mother of three 🙂

Coming back to other aspects of my life, ‘Time management’ is something that has always been a challenge to me. How much ever you plan ahead, things just don’t fall in place. I always end up compromising my blog time and which is why i could not publish any posts for a while now. Since working online is the new way of life these days, Laptops & Desktops in my house are trapped in online classes & work meetings. I hardly get my hand on the PC during weekdays as my daughter will have her online classes and post her classes, she would need the system to practice her computer programs. By the time the PC gets free i get trapped with the other chores and that would mostly be cooking. It is only my passion towards writing that keeps getting me back on the track of blogging, basically i get a sense of completeness when i do what i like. So hopefully this urge inside me, the need of wanting to do things that i like will keep my blog alive.

That will be all guys, meet you all with my next post 🙂